With an exciting and productive 10 year ride as a professional electronic music producer, DJ and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist under her belt and a definite knack for batting out track after track of sophisticated and cutting edge electronic music and remixes, Celeste Lear is a truly tenacious and visionary independent artist of the digital age with an unquenchable thirst to create inspiring and groundbreaking new music to inspire her listeners with. With a penchant for writing music that combines traditional elements of pop, rock and jazz with the newer genres of downtempo electronica, EDM, trip hop, glitch and dub this modern day singer songwriter creatively fuses together unique melodies with bouncy drum beats, luscious sonic layering and adds her personally reflective and poetic lyrics in music that has been likened to Bonobo, Thievery Corporation, Moby, Tycho, Massive Attack, Zero 7, Gramatik, Little Dragon, etc.

"Her voice and on camera presence are as dramatic and expressive as her music. With a rich mix of world/electronica/trip-hop'ish/dance and a flair for counterpoint Celeste Lear is a virtual smith of the arts who knows how to hammer out audio and visual delight."

Frank Gaultier - Independent Music Artists

"A Cherry pickers Journal"

"Lear is an artist/producer with an edgy and intricate vision."

Music Connection Magazine

"Celeste Lear is a hot new artist fusing her programming, guitar playing and vocal skills into some sexy down-tempo electronic music."


Hailing from the underground music scene of Los Angeles and San Francisco with a set of career highlights that truly depicts today's modern female in the music industry such as, the opening of her own independent label "Boutique Electronique Records" in 2006, self producing, releasing and marketing of multiple solo Albums "The Echo Inside", "Looking Up From Underwater", “Cloud 9.1” and compilation CDs “Digital Bliss” Volumes 1 and 2 (Featuring strictly female talent from the electronic music world), extensive work as a professional DJ and remix artist, song placement on over 30 compilation CDs, television, Independent films and commercials, obtaining a degree in sound engineering and music business, working as a music supervisor in Los Angeles and running and operating her own mobile event sound and DJing business. All this plus she is deaf in her right ear from a car accident she endured when she was 16...

Not too shabby for a music producer who is completely deaf in one ear!

Of the same jet set clan as her visionary grandfather, Lear Jet and 8-Track inventor William P. Lear, Celeste continues on the family's tradition of hard work, creative vision and just a bit of flashy show off just for good measure. "It would only seem fitting that the granddaughter of the inventor of the 8-Track cassette would have music in her genes." (Editor, Reno Gazette Journal).

Celeste has most recently had her song “Light through The Branches” featured on Fox Network’s Hit TV Show “So You Think You Can Dance”. She has also collaborated with producers and musicians Carmen Rizzo, Rena Jones, Shannon Hurley, Divasonic, Elan Attias, Cello Joe, Daniel Berkman, Artemis and has released 6 albums on her label Boutique Electroique Records that are now available at iTunes, Cd baby and all digital retailers and streaming stations. She is currently busy working in the Bay Area as a professional DJ, music producer and remix artist.